Waterfowl Hunts

Our Guides are the very best around. All of our guides are very talented callers. Having won or placed as some of the best in the state or world. Only Morning hunts are available. We do not hunt evenings ( Roosts ) to ensure birds are not pressured out of the area. The hunt location is determined by the amount of birds using a body of water and the number of hunters in the next mornings group. We follow strict guidelines allowing each location to get the proper amount of rest between hunts. We do NOT over hunt locations. This allows everyone to get their fair share of the birds. Our guides live for waterfowl hunting and spend their entire time during and outside of the season scouting and managing property. Please visit our What To Expect Page to learn more
Morning Waterfowl Hunts: $250.00 per person 
( 2 person minimum - 5 Person Max )
North Zone Texas 2021/2022 Duck Season Dates - Nov 13 - 28, Dec 4 - Jan 30, 2022.
A non-refundable deposit of 50% down is required to book.